headshotLisa Kelly is the owner and chief creative officer of Pitch Your Passion! Communications and has built a 30-year career as a professional communicator:

  • In print communications as a journalist, editor, graphic designer and publisher.
  • In the online world specializing in B-to-B communication solutions such as email newsletters/campaigns, blogging, website design and social media integration.
  • With a wide range of nonprofit organizations, helping them communicate mission, goals and programs to funders, donors, volunteers and press.
  • With public schools (both district and charter) as well as parochial schools to raise much-needed funding through grants, appeals and special events.

Her Blogging Barrister service is her latest venture  helping attorneys to develop and maintain clients by publishing fresh, informative content to keep highly visible in their community. By blogging and posting to social media sites consistently twice a week, Blogging Barristers are always “top of mind” when people need an attorney.

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